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[For a more recent and complete collection of Myth terminology, see The Myth Dictionary , elsewhere on this site.]

This dictionary contains the most widly used abbreviations and slang terms used in Myth 2. If you can't figure out an abbreviation that a person used on Myth 2, chances are, you will find the answer here.

The Terms And Abbreviations Dictionary


AFK - Away From Keyboard (this means the player is currently away from

Artillery (a.k.a. also carpet bombing, or cb) - this is where a player uses Fetch and dwarves, he throws a bomb with the dwarf, than shoots the ground under the bomb with fetch lightning, so that the bomb can fly farther than usual.
Abstract art - a big slop of blood and guts on the ground. Some people call this a picasso. It can also be called abstract art.
Ass - Assassin, a gametype in Myth II. It can also refer to a player who you are very upset at, or, if you don't know, a part of the human anatomy located above the legs and below the back :)


Bramtyr - a name of a bezerk
BC - Abbreviation for Body Count
bg - bad game
brb - be right back
BOP - Balls on Parade, a game type in Myth II


Camping - when a player(s) sits there, and sits there, and sits there. Until he decides to fight. This usually happens in last man on the hill games.
CL - abbreviation for Chain Lighting.
Chain Lightning - When a player clicks close in front of his Fetch with attack ground button held down, than quickly farther in front of it, a lot farther, so it can actually can shoot that far, which is normally farther than a Fetch is supposed to shoot. Note: It can only be done in the earlier versions of Myth (1.2 or earlier).
Carnage - 1) Abbreviation for the Multiplayer level named, For Carnage apply within. 2) A battle during a game of BC.
Cratered - when a player sends a wight and kills a large number of another players units.
Cheater - someone who cheats before, during, or after a game.
CTF - Capture the flag


DE - Drowned Empire, A multiplayer map on Myth II Soulblighter
Dire Marsh - 1) An abbreviation for the muiltiplayer level, Death in the Dire Marsh. 2) A ranked room that can only be found in the most recently updated version of Myth. 3) A location in one of the single player levels.
DK - Drowned Kingdom, A multiplayer map on Myth II Soulblighter


FFA - abbreviation for Free For All. In other words, every player for themselves.
Flank - when someone sends a small or large group of units around the main area of battle or attention, so he can do a surprise attack or trick someone in a game.
FR - Flag Rally, a game type on Myth II


GZ - abbreviation for the multiplayer level Ground Zero.
gg - good game
gga - good game all
gla - Good luck all
gl - good luck
gtg - got to go


hehe, haha, heheh or any variation - Denotes a person lauging in Myth 2.


J/K - Just Kidding
JS - Jump Start, when someone starts the game unexpectedly without warning, with un-fair teams, or just to be a poor sport.
K - this means ok, it's computer slang.
Klan - an order on Bungie.net, some people use a K to spell this word, others just use clan, or say, order.
Koth - King of the Hill. In order to win a game of King of the hill, you must have spent the most time on the flag.


Lag - when a player is getting hicups or slow game play, it's called lag. Even the best computers and connections have some lag, but the faster your computer, and the faster your connection, the less lag other players in your game will experience.
Lame - Using this word, it indicates that someone or somethingf is pathetic.
LOL - Laugh out loud
LMAO - Laugh my a** off
Lmoth - Last man on the hill, it's pretty obvious what you need to do to win, just be the last man on the hill.


Mucho - It's Spanish for a lot. People say this on B.net sometimes when they get a lot of lag.
Min - this is short for minute or minutes.


Newbie - A person that is new to the world of Myth, or an inexperienced player.


O - it means oh. We just use this because it's shorter and it makes more sense. Myth 2 players are lazy typers :)


Punt - nobody says this anymore, but in case somebody does it's another term for 'boot', as in you 'booted' someone from a game.


Ranked - a game type in Myth 2, in ranked rooms every player will have a rank, and during a game, will compete for points which are calculated by the bungie.net ranking system. All games played in ranked rooms count towards your current rank.
Rematch - When someone losses to you in a game, and they want to try again to beat you on the same map and game type, it is called a rematcatch
Replay - 1) to play a game you just got done playing, again. 2) A saved film
Rofl - Rolling on the floor laughing
Roflmao - A variation of rofl and lmao (see lmao)


STB - Steal the Bacon, a game type on Myth II


Terries - Territories, a game type on Myth II
TFL - A person using this abbreviation is refuring to Myth: The Fallen Lords (Myth 1). You will find that many people on Myth 2, are veterans of Myth: TFL.


U - this is short for, you
Unranked - another game type in Myth 2. In unranked rooms, players just play games for fun, as the games will not count towards, or against a players rank. Any games played in unranked rooms will not affect an individual's rank.


Veteran - A person that falls under this term is an experienced Myth player.


WTF - this is an abbreviation for 3 words. Those words are, What the f*ck.

That's all the most widly used terms that are good to know. If you have heard another term(s), email me and I'll tell you know what it means, as well as post it up in this dictonary.

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