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Commonly Used Bungie.net terms and phrases


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Commonly used bungie.net terms and phrases
Written by: Acrappa
Last Updated: January 2, 2000

Terms -- Carpet bombing, hax0r, leech, newbie, Tro spek, unimapper, wanker, water bouncing
Acronyms -- aak, afaik, ai, bg, bop, ctf, dyb, emp, dorf, FFA, gla, irl, krid, krid giant, morf, myrk, np, tro, u, ur, wtf, zerk
Commands -- .caste

Terms -- drop, dummy account, host drop
Acronyms -- gla, rofl

lol? rofl? lmoth? What are these guys talking about!? Here's a guide to commonly used bungie.net terms and phrases.


3rd party maps  A 3rd party map is a map made by a Myther outside of Bungie. Download maps at The Mill.
ASCII  When names are written with non-formal characters, they are called ASCII names.   The M in ]V[yther is an example of ASCII.
admin Admin Admins, or administrators, are found on bungie.net with an admin tag. They are there to answer questions, keep the chat clean, and receive reports about cheaters.
b.net (bungie.net) Where multiplayer games are held for Myth: The Fallen Lords and Myth II: Soulblighter.
bounce When someone says "bouncing," they mean they are going to a different room or game on bungie.net.
carpet (bomb) Carpet bombing is when Fetch project Dwarf bottles to attack the enemy from a distance. This is legal in Myth: TFL, but was eliminated in Myth II.
camp(er) In a multiplayer game, when someone is inactive and lets the rest of the players battle to only come in with seconds remaining and steal the win. Most common on Last Man on the Hill games.  
Celeste There are eight celeste ranks. The eight highest-ranked players have special ranks beside their names.
chain lightning (cl) Making Fetch lightning go further than usual by way of a flaw in the Myth engine. Often referred to as "CL." This bug was eliminated in Myth: TFL, it doesn't exist in Myth II   Illegal during gameplay.<~/I>
drop When someone is losing in a multiplayer game and quits to save rank, they have dropped from the game. There is an automatic drop penalty against people who drop in ranked. You will lose eight points per drop.
dummy account A dummy account is used to first gain rank, which is very easy for a low-rank player. Then, when it has some points, it's beaten on until it's back to zero again. Rinse and repeat. Illegal during gameplay.<~/I>
films After a single or multiplayer game, there is an option to save a film. Films are exact replays of the game that it was saved from. To view films, go to the opening screen in Myth and click "Saved Films," pick a film, and hit "view film." To download films, check out i have filmz
hax0r hax0r mocks the people who hexed their name, films, and films in Myth: TFL.
host The host, or creator, of a multiplayer game chooses which map, time limit, teams, etc. are going to be used in the game.
host drop When the host of a game drops the game, usually done if someone is cheating or if the host is losing. The penalty for dropping in ranked is thirty-two points.
lag When someone (Especially the host) has a slow connection, the players can experience lag, when the game starts to run choppy and slow. Find a host with a fast connection (Cable modem, DSL) for better latency.
leader board The leader board allows players to look up their rank and statistics on the web.   The Leader Board
leech Player who teams with higher ranks only to gain points. Usually controls very few and unimportant units.
lobby When players first sign on to bungie.net, they find themselves in the main lobby. Here you can chat with other players and join games.
melee unit A unit that has no projectile and can only attack in close range (Berzerks, Warriors, Trow, for example).
newbie Someone new to bungie.net.
ping There is a number like this: ~200ms, in the game information. This is the ping, or lag measure, of the game. The lower the ping, the less lag to occur, so the lower the better.
rank In a ranked room, the icon next to a player's name is their rank. Rank can only be gained in a ranked room.
ranked rooms Where players go to gain rank. There are about ten ranked rooms.
reflect When two or more Dwarves stand next to each other and throw molotov cocktails simultaneously to project the cocktails to go further, they are reflecting.   Legal during gameplay.<~/I>
TCP/IP When bungie.net is down, or not accessible, players can get their IP number and play Myth by clicking the "other" option under the multiplayer menu. To find your IP on a Mac, look in the TCP/IP Control Panel. On a PC, go to Run and type "winipcfg".  
Trow CL Similar to chain lightning, this is when a Trow (or any other melee unit) attacks from a further range than usual by way of a flaw in the game engine. This was eliminated in Myth: TFL and does not exist in Myth II.   Illegal during gameplay.<~/I>
Tro Spek Typing in an almost undecipherable manner in mocking of Myth: TFL lamers. Example: OMG U SUK! UR MOM IZ DUM SHE @##@ SHEEP!
unimapper Someone who only plays one map.
unranked rooms Unranked rooms are rooms where game statistics are net kept track of. Losing a game in an unranked room will not affect your rank at all.
wank (wanker) Someone who cheats or acts lame on bungie.net.
water bounce When a Fetch shoots water and the lightning bounces off of the water to a nearby unit, it has water bounced.


.help Brings up a menu of all help options.
.caste View your rank. Works in ranked and unranked rooms.
.date Shows date and time at Bungie.
|b Makes typing in bold.
|i Makes typing in italics.<~/I>
|p Reverts text back to plain.
Option/Windows key + typing Makes ASCII characters. Hold down Shift for even more characters.


aak asleep at keyboard
afaik as far as I know
afk away from keyboard
AI artificial intelligence
bacon Steal the Bacon
bbl be back later
BC Body Count
bg bad game
bop Balls on Parade
brb be right back
caps Captures
ctf capture the flag
dorf Dwarf
dyb die you bastards
emp Emperor rank
FFA Free for All
FR Flag Rally
gg good game (When the game is over, it is polite to say this whether you won or lost)
gl (gl all, gla) good luck [all] (Once the game begins, it is polite to wish your opponents luck)
heh or hehe Instead of saying "I laughed," players type this to show they enjoyed the joke/comment.
irl In real life
j/k or jk just kidding or joking
KoTH King of The Hill
krid Myrkridian
krid giant Myrkridian Giant
LB leader board
LMoTH Last Man on the Hill
lol laugh out loud
imho in my humble opinion
imnsho in my not so humble opinion
morf Mortar Dwarf
myrk Myrkridian
np no problem
rotfl (rofl) rolling on the floor laughing
scav Scavenger Hunt
STB Steal the Bacon
thx thanks
terries Territories
tro Trow
u you
ur your or you're
wtf? what the funk? (Use your imagination)
zerk Berserker


smiling face
:( sad face
;) winking eye
>:( mad
:O surprised
:P joking, acting silly
:D very happy
;( crying

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