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The Mariusnet Revival Tournament accounced


Author name : MNA_Lemming

To help celebrate the revival or Mariusnet, we are having a Reset of all Ranks and a week long "Open" tournament.

Thus, is born....

The Mariusnet Revival Tournament

::cue dramatic music::

Here's how it's going to work:

* Play in a tourney or ranked room.
* Have a minimum *eight* (8) games played to win
* No special tournament registration needed, just play 8 ranked, non-CoOp games and you are eligible to win.

The 7th highest rated player with a minimum of 8 games will be declared winner.

Play whatever gametypes on whatever maps you want, as much as you want, against whomever you want. They can be 16 person, 2 team games or just 1v1 games in a Tourney room.

As Bungie would say: "Kill your enemies, Kill your Friends, Kill your Friends Enemies".

There is a prize: $50 USD ... paid out via PayPal.
(No other payment method will be made.)
The winner must respond to email to recieve the $$$.

The MCS listed at 12:01 EDT on Thursday October 18th, 2007 is the *official* score.
Click Here for the Official MCS Scores

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