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DE1 Mini Tournament


Author name : nitro
This document was originally published at mwc07

Since the top 8 teams will get a bye week in DE1 i thought of organizing something to keep people busy.

This mini tournament has nothing to do with MWC. It will be played on either Sunday or Saturday depending on what the majority of the teams prefer.

Teams are required to register (this is not a show & play event). Only register if you can spare a maximum of 3 hours of gametime on either Sunday/Saturday, most likely at 3pm CDT.

This will be a 4v4 tournament and each team is allowed a roster of 6. As of now, only 2 teams per MWC team are allowed which will give a maximum of 16 teams.

The event will have a mini QR of 3 games. 8 teams will advance and will proceed to an elimination round (no DE). The top 2 finalists will play a maximum of 6 matches throughout the whole event (which should take around 3 hours).

Each match will be a maximum of 3 games. If a team wins the first 2 games there will be no need to play the 3rd.


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