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Clan MacGaming Presents: A Myth II Tournament


Author name : Monasier (Bojan Zimonja)

Not long ago, tourney pen-pushers met with our esteemed leaders. Subject of the meeting - a CMG internal tournament for our Myth 2 order. In a mad attempt to create a tourney different from all others, we hit upon the idea of measuring teams performance not against each other, but against the evil geniuses at Bungie. Since it was unlikely the Bungie Myth development team would be interested in rumbling with CMGers, we offered the next best thing - a tournament based on their single player maps!

You may be wondering what single player Myth has to do with Millennium Madness and Final Exams. The idea behind the tourney is similar to the concept of exam: we want to measure your Myth 2 skills in the new Millenium. Interestingly, this can only be accomplished by playing a subset of the game. To ensure you will practice a wide range of maps, we decided to withhold information on the exact levels you will be playing. So, you are responsible for knowing the entire Myth 2 single player game! Or not.
We can reveal the following information at this time:

GAME: Myth II: Soulblighter. Basic, eh? So, no TFL, Chimera or third-party maps will be used (with one exception, that will be explained later). Furthermore, the secret levels of Myth 2 are also out of the running. All levels will be played on heroic difficulty. Teams will consist of three players each.

DATE: Saturday, January 15, 2000 at 3 PM Pacific Time

REGISTRATION: Registration is currently open for CMG members registered with one of our CMG orders on bungie.net. (If you're not registered with CMG and want to participate in this tourney, you best sign up now.) Registration will close on the last day of the MacWorld Expo, January 8, 2000.

FORMAT: 3 PLAYER TEAMS competing for points in four single-player Myth II maps. Games will be hosted by CMG leaders.

SCORING: For each level, score will be given based on the following categories:

-Kills: the more enemy you kill, the higher your score. Special enemies carry more weight than regular ones. Special enemies include Trow, Fetch, Myrkridian Giants, Warlocks, Dwarves, Mortar Dwarves and any unit with Hero in the title.
-Time: if applicable, finishing the level in a very short time will result in a bonus, and taking too long will result in a penalty. Not all levels may include time bonus (e.g. if the goal of the level is to survive for a given amount of time, it would be pointless to score it). Furthermore, time penalty/bonus is only given in case of victory.
-Objective: If you win your objective, you will get points. If you lose your objective, no extra points - regardless of how close you were. Simple as that!
-Special: On some levels, there may be extra points to pick up. You also have a right to replay one level, if you have a legitimate cause (e.g. your dwarf lagged just as he was about to blow up forty thrall). There are no penalties associated with the replay.

MISC: After all matches are completed, the team with the highest point total is the winner. In a case of a draw (same score, or maybe even within 1% - this needs to be decided), the winner will be chosen in a TEAM match on one of the unusual multiplayer maps. To keep the CMG character of the tourney, it will most likely be one of our home-brew maps (Deus Ex or Inverno).

During the Friday, January 14th practice, maps will be revealed, and the scoring summary posted on CMG HL server, so you can have an all-night cramming session if you wish. All hosts and all players must be CMG members - no ringers, please!

PRIZES: This is what you all have been waiting for. :-) Each team member will receive:

1st Place- 3Dfx Vodoo 3 2000 card or Game of Choice.
2nd Place- Choice of Caesar III or Rainbow Six
3rd Place- Total Codex

Please contact Monasier and/or Bandit to register your teams, whines, complaints, kudos and anything else tourney related. Study hard and do well!

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