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Mr. Crypants spunktakular FFA tournament


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There will be another show and play free for all tournament this month. This time dantski is hosting it. we are using third party this time. Tourney at 1pm CST, 19:00 GMT 18th February (saturday).

Proving Grounds KOTH 7 mins
Red Sands, Black Blood TERRIES 9 mins
Dead Mans Float ASSASSIN 9 mins
Appalachian HS (light) STB 8 mins
Plains of Muirthemne LMOTH 7 mins

Round 2 (finals)

Gyre in the Wabe STB 8 mins
Phoenix Rising FR 9 mins
Drowned Kingdom CAPTURES 10 mins
Frostbite (Remix) NUT LMOTH 8 mins
Peace o' the Ramps(light) KOTH 7 mins

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