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Ancrik Birthday Bash Tournament Announced


Author name : narcogen
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No monkey-punching necessary; if you can guess Ancrik's birthday, you win $10! Jeffery Blake wrote to let us know about the upcoming Ancrik Birthday Bash Tournament:

Ancrik will be hosting another round of the Ancrik Birthday Bash after the fashion of our first and most successful format, the first one. We'll be posting the rules and such soon enough, but in the mean time (to get you all into the mood of the tourney) we'll be holding a small contest. Whoever can guess our birthday first wins a check for $10. Current and former members of Ancrik and people otherwise tied to us in such a way that they would have inside knowledge of the date are ineligible. Only one guess accepted per person (at least for now). To submit a guess, email kith@ancrik.com with the guess and the name you go by. The winner will recieve an email from me stating that they've won and asking for information about who and where to send the money.

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