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If you like Myth, you should check out Deadhold a game currently in development under the Steam Greenlight program - it's a Viking/Norse/Magical warfare game being developed by some long-time Myth mapmakers/players.

The Mythgraveyard is an archive of stuff related to the Myth real-time strategy games created by Bungie.

If this is the kind of Myth information you are looking for, then welcome.

If you are looking for something specific you can use title search at the top of the page, or use the search link under the 'More' menu to fine-tune your search.

If you are wondering what's been added or changed recently in the graveyard you can find out here.

ps. Here's some links to get you started.


Here are a few of the general topics you can find articles about in the graveyard.
  • Maps and Plugins (aka Game Mods) (maps,plugins,etc)
  • Mapmaking & other applications (including patches and game updates)
  • game variants (Anti-Bacon, Boomfest, etc))
  • dead site archives
  • Pictures, screenshots, wallpaper, etc

    There's also an extensive collection of documentation including hundreds of readmes for maps & plugins, application manuals, and lots of guides to playing and making things for Myth. There's a myth dictionary, links to other myth-related sites, and articles about the history of Myth and it's online community.


    All the articles in the graveyard are searchable, what is not searchable is the archives of images, digital documents, and the dead myth sites. The sites and documents are all organized and have meaningful names so it shouldn't be too hard to find what you are looking for on the Archive pages.

    You can search for articles by keywords or phrases in it's name by using the title search box at the top of every page. (Enter one keyword or a phrase, if you enter two words it will assume you are looking for those 2 words together in the title)

    Some things that still need to be organized

    films (recordings of myth games)
    movies (quicktime/wmv movies)
    file downloads ?

  • Tip: If an 'originally published at' link is not active it's because the page is no longer available.